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About MightyBuying.com

A boring quick little description of the website

MightyBuying.com is a site dedicated to providing you with reviews, coupons, discounts, sales, freebies, and deals on the products you want, so you can make the mightiest buying choices possible.

A more honest description, that sounds less like a jingle

We are a family owned and operated website. Which is our admitting that we are not some big budget deal site. Mainly the website is maintained and run by me. Who is me? Well my name is Kevin, I am a stay at home dad for our two girls Katelyn and Audrey. While I haven't always worked out of the home, I do now. My wife Stephanie still collects her paychecks the old fashioned way - as a Nurse. However, she does help out the site with deal suggestions, providing a woman's critique, and by occasionally posting deals herself.

In a broader sense this site also receives support from my extended family and friends. Who all in different degrees provide honest and critical feedback. Its feedback like this, which has led to enhancements of the overall reader experience on MightyBuying.com. I would take one true critic with a valid point, over 100 compliments any day.

What are some ways you can support our website?

There are several simple ways you can support this website and its content.
  1. One way to easily support MightyBuying.com is to get involved. This can be as simple as posting a comment on a deal. Did you browse a deal that was already expired? Post a comment on that specific page so future vistors know the deal is no longer available for that listed price.  Do you personally own a product or have an opinion on something we might have posted a deal on? Post your unique thoughts on it via comments.
  2. A second way to support our site is to follow us in any of the ways we offer on our website. We have email lists, RSS feeds, our Facebook fan page, and even Twitter. If you follow via any of these methods you'll regularly get updates on our most recent deals.
  3. A third way to support us is to link to our website . This is especially helpful if you link to it on a website you might own, or be apart of, but even posting our link on your personal facebook page, twitter account, myspace page, etc - is incredibly helpful.
  4. A fourth way to support the site is to visit our site before you buy from any of the retailers on our preferred retailer list. Using the links we provide to these sites helps us in several ways. First As alluded to above we don't have a massive budget with large staffs that some other deal sites enjoy. While it would seem that these sites would have an incredible competitive advantage, they don't in terms of finding deals because of the efforts by our preferred retailers. We are notified of deals well in advance, just like the biggest of deal sites. We want you to support them through our page, because they make the effort to give us equal footing with their biggest accounts, and we want to be able to show them results for their vital support. Secondly by buying through our links you will be unknowingly providing us with a referral commission. It does not change anything about your order, but as a thank you from those retailers for pointing our traffic to their site - they help support our continued web presence monetarily.
We hope our efforts provide you with a enjoyable web browsing experience.
If you see a way we can improve however don't hesitate to contact us.

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