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MP3 Monday with 10 Free MP3's - Grab bag week

We are going to debut a new weekly feature here at MightyBuying.com called MP3 Monday. We will be providing links to 10 free MP3's around the internet. This doesn't mean we won't offer MP3 freebies at other times throughout the week, but we are going to make a specific effort to always have a free selection of MP3 downloads for you on mondays.

For our introductory week we will not do a theme. In the future we'll most likely have themes or genres. This is a grab bag selection of music, not all of it is music we are particular to, but we hope you enjoy the variety of this week. We bolded our personal favorites for this week.

  1. Heart on my sleeve by Michael Johns
  2. Long Way To Go by A Bad Think
  3. Don't Download This Song by "Weird Al" Yankovic
  4. These Days, by R.E.M.
  5. If I Be Lifted Up, by The Anointed Pace Sisters
  6. Vapours by Islands
  7. Losing My Religion cover by Colton Ford
  8. You're Gonna Want Me by Shane Dwight
  9. Naturally by Lisa Donnelly
  10. Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, Op. 43: Variation 18

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