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Review of the FREE Online Multiplayer game Spark [available to play on Mac, PC, and Linux]

If you're like me, you enjoy occasionally playing against other people in various online games. One of the games that frequently consumed my time in the past is called Spark. Spark is a clone of an older game no longer online called ARC.

When playing Spark you command a battle tank. You have four types of weapons to fight your foes with: Bombs, Bouncy Lasers (which can bounce off walls), Missiles, and normal lasers. The game is a 2D game and has several types of ways to play. The most popular game types are:

Capture the Flag mode: a team wins by bringing the other team's or teams' flags to their own flag post to achieve victory.

Switch mode: the map has one or more switches on it. Players claim a switch for their team by touching it. A team wins by gaining control of all the switches.

Deathmatch mode (sometimes modified into Alamo mode): There is no team objective in this mode. Players only attempt to kill each other to gain a high score. This can go on forever in certain maps. Alamo mode on the other hand only allows players to die once and the objective is to be the last man standing.

Race mode: Lastly there is a racing mode, which players do not fight each other at all, but focus on out racing others for the best times.

ARC has an extensive clan and league system. It's one of the few online games that will literally have seasons with playoffs and champions. The most notable league is the APL/SPL. Time and time again it has been the only league that has been able to get all the best clans to participate simultaneously.

If you are interested in learning more about Spark stop by Spark-Hq.net by clicking HERE.

Our personal thoughts on the game, is that it's the best free online 2D game on the net.

We give it a 91 score out of 100.

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