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Our favorite Live TV Streams on the internet

The Best Live TV Streams Article Cheat Sheet:
Pro's lots of feeds, can usually find what you want at any time.
Con's: Feed quality suffers, ad laden, spam laden, vulgar chat rooms.

Pro's: Justin.TV without as much spam and the chatrooms seem more civil.
Con's: Suffers from many of the same issues as Justin.TV as they basically run the same code. They are slightly better though, but usually are packed with international feeds.

TVU Player:
Pro's: High quality dedicated player.
Con's: They keep the links to their feeds up, even when they are down.

Veetle.com (our pick):
Pro's: Only allow high quality feeds on their site, they have a dedicated and high quality player.
Con's: Limited selection due to their screening process.

    The new era of the internet growth is streaming TV. While there are many services which now offer individual shows, movies, and sporting events on demand, a smaller grouping of websites offer live streaming TV. Now the only major American network to really put big money behind this concept is ESPN with their ESPN 360 network. However they exclude far to many households and ISPs to be rated as the best content provider on the internet. If you're one of the lucky American's that has access to their feed, take advantage of it.

   There are other services which allow users to provide the feeds... Justin.TV is an example of this, but the video quality often suffers as a result of its openness. Justin.TV also has spam feeds and advertising issues - along with feeds that pretend to be one thing, only to end up being another. The popular TVU player is a blend, however they keep the channels listed even when the feed is down which can get annoying. Ustream.tv is a decent feed but suffers from many of the same problems as Justin.tv and it seems to be dominated by international feeds.

   Personally my overall favorite is Veetle.com. They seem to have a screening process that demands high quality feeds. I've yet to see a bad feed on the network. Their player itself is in my opinion both the most simple, and highest quality available. The only problem with Veetle is the lack of abundant feeds, but I think this is due to them being picky on what they put up, so when you do see an interesting feed the quality won't let you down.

But don't take my word for it. Check out vettle here: http://www.veetle.com/

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