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Review of Lamaze Baby and Toddler Toys

    We all develop certain brand loyalties. Yes we still will buy generic here and there, but sometimes a company makes a product so superior to the competition that time and time again we choose them over alternative brands. Lamaze when it comes to toys for our children is a brand my wife and I feel that way about. First Lamaze toys are made in America (an unfortunate rarity these days). This is significant for parents and caretakers who are trying to avoid products from countries that don't have the regulations to assure product safety. In the last 2 years there has been an explosion of toy recalls. Lamaze however maintains its pristine reputation while other companies fall by the wayside.

    Another thing to like about Lamaze toys is that they seem to do a great job growing up with your children. At birth you can hook on a Lamaze toy to a baby car seat bar, or a bouncer, swing, playmat, etc. Why you'll prefer these over other clipable toys is the quality of the clips they use. Each of their dolls and stuffed animals have clips that can withstand much more for then its piers. So instead of your baby removing the toys from whatever item you clip them on at 6-12 months, and possibly losing them in the process... 2 year olds will still struggle to unclip these toys when you want them attached somewhere.

   Durability and design are the last two major selling points for my wife and I. Lamaze toys feature hidden mirrors, squeaky buttoms, crinklely areas, pullable elastic, vibrant colors, unique shapes, and more. Also the fabric used seems to withstand stain better then cheaper products.
  • What we like
  1. Made in America
  2. Self life for the toys themselves (lasting through multiple developmental stages)
  3. Durability - these toys can take a beating
  4. Design - hidden mirrors, squeaky buttoms, crinklely areas, pullable elastic, vibrant colors, unique shapes, etc
  5. Strong and big clips, one of those features you don't know what you're missing until you get it.
  6. Price - usually made in America also means it has a high markup, but Lamaze offers a great product for a reasonable price.

  • What can be improved
  1.  We wish they had a larger book collection. Their books might be their best products, but there are only a limited number of titles.
  2. They have started to make a few of their toys sans their fantastic clips. Usually you find such examples few and far between, but I have seen a couple out there without their premium clips.
  3. We would like a larger catalog of toys you can build with.

    • Our 10 Favorites

    • The Final Verdict 
    Great American made products, at a fantastic price. We think this one is a no brainer.
    •  Our Overall Score 93/100 

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